Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (March 26, 2019) – Mr. Khaled is presently working as the VP and CEO of the
Al Badie Group. He is also the head of the Finance & Investment Committee and Projects Owners Committee at ABG Group of Companies. He even holds multiple core positions such as Managing Director of various sister companies, and Vice Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company.

Mr. Khaled has his primary focus on bringing increased business to Al Badie Group and boosting the productivity of the organization so that it can in turn help in developing the economy of the nation as a whole.

About the company
Al Badie Group of Companies is a huge chain of multiple businesses of the Al Badie family. The businesses are now being taken care of by Mr. Khaled Al Badie who is assisted by a team of selected well-qualified professional experts who possess the top academic qualifications and degrees of MBAs and PhDs. The company works in the fields of Healthcare, Information Technology, Travels and Tourism, and many more.

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