Nashville, Feb 26, 2019 ( – Country Music Veteran Stevie Lee Woods, does it again with his hit record, “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight” now at Radio. A fun record that gives options to the listener of things you Could do, but not necessarily what you Should do.

Krazytown Records Recording Artist Stevie Lee Woods gives a new meaning to the phrase High Energy with his new single release “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight” from his Album California Girls have Gone Country.

Over Stevie’s career he has recorded 4 studio albums, charted 16 singles and topped the Cash Box Country charts with a Number 1. “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight,” his new single written by famed Tunesmith Pat McManus, Rich Alves (Pirates of the Mississippi) and John Colgin is sure to be a winner.

Stevie delivers the song like only he can and makes it believable, fun and a something you can sing along with by the end of the record. High energy from start to finish.

DJ’s across the country raved about Stevie’s last singles including his hit, “Hey What Do I Know,” also a video as seen on GAC, CMT and Zuus Country.

This new single “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight” and Album California Girls Have Gone Country is sure to make their mark at Radio around the world. Tune in and listen to this hit record on your favorite station.

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