FreshTrends Fine Body Jewelry is excited to announce that they now exclusively offer 14k gold and platinum body jewelry pieces.

Since 2003, FreshTrends, owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Paul and Ximena, has provided customers with jewelry that sets trends and drives body jewelry fashions. They find their inspiration for their designs from living in multiple countries across the world and studying art in London. For years, they’ve brought this international style to their body jewelry line.

In 2018, Paul and Ximena realized that their true passion lay in the production of their fine body jewelry collection.

Now, they exclusively offer only 14k gold and platinum jewelry options. With this change, FreshTrends shifts their audience to pierced professionals and adults who appreciate alternative fashion while wanting to maintain a chic and classy look. Their new website launched in January, showcasing only the finest handmade body jewelry.

Their new products include features such as genuine, cruelty-free diamonds, alluring Baltic amber, white and colored pearls, and more. Their styles can be worn in a variety of piercings, from popular nose and cartilage piercings to a more exotic nipple and belly piercings.

FreshTrends’ new offerings provide body jewelry that can be worn and admired at the office, at a fancy gala, or at the club. “I loved [my 14k gold barbell] so much and wore it to the more ‘classy’ events in my life,” a consumer said.

As more and more adults and business professionals enter the body piercing world, the demand for high-quality body jewelry is growing. But the options for these pierced professionals is woefully small since steel and acrylic still dominate the body jewelry industry. FreshTrends seeks to be the go-to retailer for those who want high-quality jewelry for their alternative piercings.

Their loyal patron’s rave. “FreshTrends is a great find with unbeatable values,” said one customer. Their mission of providing quality jewelry at an affordable price has long established the FreshTrends name in the body jewelry business and will continue to do so as they shift their focus to precious metals and stunning new designs that are being developed.

The benefits of 14k gold and platinum go beyond simply owning a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will last a long time. Many people suffer from metal allergies and can only wear precious metals. “I must say that finding this website was a blessing from God,” one woman with a skin allergy wrote. The high-quality gold and platinum that FreshTrends offers at affordable prices allow those with allergies to enjoy body jewelry without worrying about a breakout.

In the end, this market change only serves to reinforce FreshTrends’ objective to create affordable beautiful quality jewelry that their customers are proud to wear and that allows them to demonstrate their great sense of style. With the liquidation of their fashion jewelry, it’s created plenty of room for FreshTrends to continue to drive body jewelry styles in a brand new direction.