We do certain things out of choice and a few things out of compulsion or out of fear of getting caught or penalized. But there is one thing that is a combination of all the three- choice, compulsion and fear. It is called motor insurance.

A motor insurance is a choice because it is you, who of course wants your vehicle to always be in a perfect condition and a source joy and a companion to you and not become a burden. It is a compulsion because according to the motor insurance act, all the vehicles playing on the roads should have at least third party cover. It is also bought out of fear of getting caught because without third party, you are not on the legal grounds.

So a motor insurance is must have for all the people with any kind of vehicles playing on the Indian roads. It is an insurance cover that secures your finances and helps you in case of any damages caused to your vehicle due any man made or natural calamity or any loss or damage involving a third party. This policy also offer you the medical cover in case of the accidents.

Having understood in broad terms what a motor insurance is, let us go deeper into the subject. There are different types of insurance available under the broad term, depending on the vehicle that you have such as car insurance, two wheeler insurance, four wheeler insurance, commercial vehicle insurance etc each which gives you a lot benefits and advantages specific to each kind of vehicle you own.

Now comes the question of choosing the perfect cover for your vehicle. A motor insurance policy gives you a choice here also and that is by offering two kinds of covers such a comprehensive cover and the third party liability.

A third party liability only cover gives you cover only against any damages or loss arising out of an accident, crash etc involving a third party. It is however keeps you on legal and safe grounds according to the law of the country. The other type of insurance cover which is a comprehensive cover, is all encompassing. This cover along with providing you with the third party liability, gives you a lot of other things such as the financial coverage in case of personal accidents, loss, damages, theft, accidents Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, Burglary, house breaking or theft,Riot and strike, Earthquake (fire and shock damage), Flood, hurricane, storm, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, Accidental external means, Malicious act, Terrorist activity, Transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air, Landslide /rockslide.

With all these coverage that a comprehensive cover provides you, it becomes the most feasible option available to people. With so many things that a motor insurance provides, it becomes even more important.

However, one must note that there is a huge number of policies available in the market. Each of which has different benefits to offer you for different amount of premiums. You must compare the policies online which very much easy these days, before you invest in any of the policy. Choose the policy cover that fulfils each of your requirements.

Also, go through the policy inclusions and exclusions before you invest.

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