Online-offline Integration in the physical store: Improve customer buying experience and increase sales. Online and offline can coexist and increase market share. The traditional shops will not be extinct soon, as people thought a few years ago. The Physical stores will collaborate with their online counterpart to make the customer’s purchase path more engaging and improve sales data.

Milan, Italy., March 22, 2019 — Already today, from Poland to Italy and throughout the rest of Europe, designs the store of the future and launches a new model of the store, which integrates online and off-line in the sale of Footwear and accessories.

New arrivals in the Italian e-commerce commerce sector., Polish company that in a very short time has become one of the main protagonists on the European scene of the online retail sale of footwear and accessories, already present in Italy with the site, is going to bring across Europe a great Innovation in the sales sector, a novelty that promises to be a real revolution in the world of online and offline footwear sales.

Great News coming up in the Italian e-commerce panorama. The growth of, a Polish company that in a very short time has become one of the main protagonists on the European online retail sale of footwear and accessories, already present in Italy with the site, does not stop. The opening of these futuristic shops, already experimented with the opening of numerous incoming a big news on the European market, a novelty that is shaping up to be a real revolution in the world of online and offline sale of footwear fashion and accessories of clothing. The expansion of the Polish brand goes through the opening of new Concept Stores in which modern technologies become protagonists, retail stores in which the integration between e-commerce and physical store becomes virtually total. Outlets in Poland, is the next step in the growth of what is Candida to become one of the most important European shoe retailers.

Founded in Poland by Marcin Grzymkowski in 2006, the online retailer started expanding on the markets in 2013 and, with the purchase by CCC of a controlling shareholding in January 2016, Zielona Góra’s company wasted no time and Further accelerated its expansion on the European markets, reaching also the Italian market, considered, not wrongly, very important and strategic in the path of growth of the brand that provides for expansion and presence in new and promising markets. The Polish Company is present today with sixteen distinct web portals in as many European markets.

The Commercial expansion strategy of E-Obuwie meant for Zielona Góra’s company to emerge from the digital presence and also open innovative retail outlets, whose design and implementation was entrusted to Dalziel & Pow, who conceived the Brand new Concept Store with its own brand of CCC, where customers have at their disposal virtually all the stock of products marketed by the House. Within these very modern stores users find digital screens, foot scanners and a cozy décor, with all models of shoes always present in stock.

The Polish company carried out the scan and made the 3D model of over 50,000 different shoe models, for about 500 different brands. Thanks to the 3D scanning of the customer’s foot, built using the latest technology from SafeSize, the leading Dutch international company in foot scanning technology, one can accurately capture an image of both feet Of the customer, and the scanners in the store only take two seconds to do this.

A few seconds of waiting is enough to compare the image of the feet scanned with the 3D model of the shoes available: one can get so precise information that allows users to always choose the shoe that best suits the shape of the foot of Customer. To facilitate the choice of the product, the touchscreen allows customers to comfortably choose the shoes they want to try. In the Polish company’s vision there is the certainty that the stores of the future, equipped with digital functionalities, can fully satisfy both the practicality and the purchasing experience.

With a minimalist style in the composition of interior spaces, the physical shops of offer the customer a completely innovative and modern purchase path compared to the traditional physical stores: from the entrance, where the barriers to entry They are minimized and where the customer finds ample and comfortable spaces equipped with high stools, tablets and interactive screens on which customer can easily search for the desired product and order, a space where the digital displays replace the Traditional product exposure, in an elegant and welcoming sales environment that leaves full freedom to the customer, to the back of the shops with visual on the Products warehouse where is visible the wide range of brands and products available. The boxes of the products ordered by the customer, then, glide from the warehouse to the inside of the store through the shelving behind the ATM machines.

Outside of Poland, for now, it is possible to shop only online, but large expansion projects are already underway, guided by the idea already developed successfully in Motherland: to make available to customers a Concept Store where technology It supports the customer in the choice, a store that can also be used only to see the news, allowing the customer to complete the process of buying from home, via PC, tablet or mobile device, comfortably seated in the armchair or the desk.

To the Italian people, more and more inclined to make, also for the footwear, their own purchases online, the great Polish retailer of footwear, with its site offers also a series of important advantages besides a choice of products Extremely extensive. Shoes and accessories for women, men and children: 476 brands, over 50,000 products, free return within 30 days, free shipping, many discounts and as many promotions, advantageous prices even for the most exclusive brands, are some of the elements that characterize the proposal of one of the e-commerce that has the highest performances at European level.

The customer service is another of the pluses of this e-commerce: The customer can make use of the possibility to choose among several options also the preferred payment formula, to have the assistance of a customer service to which one can contact from Monday to Friday from 9 to 17, with the possibility of contacting a personal advisor also via email or on the most popular media partner, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Today really represents a concrete idea of the shop of the future. Which is expanding from Poland across Europe, including Italy. No more stock, but only models to see, because the test is all digital, which can easily follow the purchase online.

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