Upgrade Your Coaching Equipment with Radar Sports, LLC’s Baseball Radar Guns

Radar Sports, LLC offers a wide variety of baseball radar guns for personal and professional training purposes. Backyard trainers can use the Net Playz Multi-Sport Professional Speed Radar System. Enthusiasts can find more accurate readings with the SR600 and Stalker Pro II radar guns.

[Oceanside, 3/21/2019] — Apart from the spin rate and spin axis of the baseball, one primary aspect of a good pitch is speed, according to physicist Alan Nathan, in his interview with Popular Science. The best way to measure this is through a high-quality radar gun like those from Radar Sports, LLC.

Radar Sports LLC offers a wide variety of baseball guns to capture the ball’s movement as it reaches its target. The company provides measurement tools for stadium and personal training.

How Radar Guns Work

Radar guns emit radio waves to recognize and measure the speed of objects, according to informational content provider HowStuffWorks. When a wave hits a surface, it creates an echo that bounces back to the gun’s receiver. Its software then calculates how far away that surface is by measuring the time it takes for the signal to reach the receiver. When it comes to speed, the radar gun measures changes in the signal while it’s moving towards and away from it.

A Professional Companion

Radar Sports LLC has radar guns in various price brackets. Those who want to measure their improvement during backyard practice can opt for the affordable Net Playz Multi-Sport Professional Speed Radar System. It’s portable and provides hands-free speed measurement. It can record everything from hockey pucks, soccer shots, and baseball pitches.

Coaches who want a more accurate measurement can get the SR600 Sports Radar Gun. Its customized software, sophisticated algorithm, and highly sensitive receiver make it accurate to 1 mph. Those who prefer the metric system won’t have a problem as the device displays in KMH. Its high-impact polymer housing and 20 hours of trigger operation make it an ideal coaching companion in every environment.

Professionals who need the best reading possible can opt for The Stalker Pro II Radar Gun, which measures speeds for car racing, skeet shooting, and paintball within 10 milliseconds. It’s also used for low-speed and industrial applications like reading tractor and forklift speeds. It has a weather resistant rugged cast-metal housing and a bright LCD viewable in any lighting condition.

Radar Sports LLC provides speed measurement equipment for every coach and player who wants to track and improve their pitch. The company covers everything from personal use speed radars to professional speed guns with LED display boards.

About Radar Sports LLC

Radar Sports LLC is an authorized dealer of “Made in the USA” measuring tools like sports radar guns and police speed guns. It offers products from Stalker Radar, Sports Radar, and Bushnell. The company also provides speed pitch cages and inflatables.

To know more about Radar Sports LLC and their products, visit https://www.radargunsales.com/.