The Executive Centre
Level 3 One Central, DWTC,
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai. U.A.E

Tel: +971 4526 4777

The Executive Centre are industry leaders in shared office space and is part of providing a space for organisations to thrive. They are currently weighing in on the new trends in shared office and co-working spaces.

Shared office space has been growing in popularity amongst business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent workers. “Shared office space in Dubai has become mainstream”, says the CEO of The Executive Centre. “It used to be tech companies, startups and new businesses that used shared office space, but businesses of all scopes are no embracing this concept, and office spaces are responding in return.”

The Executive Centre explains that businesses are looking for a mix of shared office space and private space. There are immense benefits for businesses that opt for shared office space in Dubai, but private spaces also have its own advantages. The Executive Centre offers their clients both solutions in terms of private and serviced office workspaces. Businesses are able to take advantage of both types of spaces.

It was startups and entrepreneurs who made shared office space popular when they wanted to operate their businesses at affordable rates. Shared office space encourages creativity and collaboration and is one of the biggest reasons why major tech companies have taken to this model.

Studies have shown that employees working in co-working spaces enjoy immense satisfaction as a result of collaboration with like-minded individuals. The co-working and private office models offer employees the best of both worlds. This model trend will continue to grow in the future. Major corporations are expected to streamline their offices into shared or co-working office spaces.

As the popularity rises in shared office space, all types of businesses will begin to use them. “As long as they have a collaborative environment and affordable rates, the trend will only continue to grow”, says the CEO of The Executive Centre.

About Us
Established in 1994, The Executive Business Centre now operates shared office spaces all over the world. We welcome individuals and companies looking to thrive in a dynamic work space. We offer consistent support and unrivalled services that are designed to enable your business to succeed. Have a prestigious address and advanced infrastructure personalized to fit your business needs. For more information, visit our website on