Shock testing systems are used to measure the effect of sudden acceleration triggered by collision, explosion or a drop. They can precisely determine the brittleness of a component. The impact quality or the energy of a shock can be measured by a shock testing system. Shock testing systems are widely used all over the globe to evaluate how a complete system or a component will respond to a particular shock input.

There is a rising need for shock testing systems to prevent damage caused due mechanical shocks during transportation, shipping, weapon firing, rocket stage separation and product handling. Shock testing systems help determine whether a component remains functional when exposed to sudden load or a change in the motion.

Shock testing systems accurately measure peak acceleration, duration and pulse shape.  Also, they are used to precisely measure the sensitivity of a component to the input energy impact. The shock testing system is also known as component brittleness analysis.

To enhance product safety and quality, industries are manufacturing advanced shock testing systems that can ensure the precise breakage point, sensitivity and the other characteristics.

Shock Testing System Market: Dynamics


The increasing demand for shock testing systems to check the brittleness of a component in an environment with various mechanical shock levels is one of the significant drivers of the shock testing systems market. Thus, the necessity to ensure the quality and sustainability of a product drives the shock testing systems market growth.

Mechanical shocks have the potential to damage a component minimally or severely and after analyzing the sustainability of the product with the help of a shock testing system, the component can be modified to meet the specific requirement.

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The key restraint for the shock testing systems market is the high cost associated with the product. Along with that, time to time maintenance is essential for shock testing systems, which further adds costs and thus, significantly affects the growth of the shock testing systems market around the globe.

Shock Testing System Market: Segmentation

The shock testing system market has been segmented on the basis of test, application, end use and region.

Segmentation on the basis of product type:

Flatbed shock testing machine
Pull down drop shock testing machine
High speed shock testing machine
Automatic square drop shock testing machine
Multi-drop shock testing system
Pendulum shock testing system
Segmentation on the basis of tests:

Peak acceleration
Pulse Shape
Segmentation on the basis of end use:

Manufacturing Industries
Civil engineering
Quality control departments
Shock Testing System Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the prominent players in the shock testing system market are Lab equipment, Lansmont, SHINYEI Testing Machinery Co., LABTONE, Dongling, INSTRON and Ai Si Li Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Shock Testing System Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of the geography, North America and Europe are expected to hold significant market shares in the shock testing system market, when compared with other regions. This can be attributed to the high adoption of comfort-based components in these regions. In Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, countries such as China and India are anticipated to account for significant shares in the shock testing system market, as these countries have prominent manufacturers of motorcycles and vehicles and thus, offer lucrative opportunities for the development of the shock testing system market during the forecast period.

Governments across the MEA region have been making significant investments in enhancing the quality control aspect of the manufacturing industry, which further fuels the demand for shock testing systems. Japan is expected to witness moderate growth as compared to the other regions in the shock testing system market, owing to the increasing manufacturing of standard motorcycles in the region.