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If you are in the look out of a flexible tool that offers you the scope of sending out short and simple text messages in bulk then you must perhaps make the choice of an SMPP Service Provider. Cross-functional and versatile, SMPP is a service that is specifically designed for meeting the varied requirements of huge organizations, aggregators and resellers. Nevertheless, SMPP or short message peer-to-peer comes in the form of a standard protocol that is used by business organizations for the transfer of message data.

Basic Terms Related to SMPP

If you are looking to go for the services of an SMPP service provider then it is important that you have a clear understanding of the important terms associated with SMPP and they are as follows:

Message Centre- It works in the form of a platform of a mobile network by way of which messages get converted, delivered and stored.

ESME or External Short Messaging Entity- This is basically an external application that offers a connection to a message center.

CBE or Cell broadcast Entity- This is a multi-user control device that broadcasts the messages.

RE or Routing Entity- This is a network component that carries out the task of connecting one message center to the other.

If you have any doubts regarding these terms or services, you can always get them cleared by your service provider.

Products Offered by SMPP Service Providers

SMPP offers a robust, secure and powerful gateway. SMPP is now considered an industry standard protocol for sending text messages to network providers. It is a protocol that is widely used by the companies in the industry for telecommunications for the exchange of messages between ESME and SMSC. An SMPP service provider generally deals in the provision of two products and they are SMPP aggregator and SMPP server panel. The providers deal in SMPP Software packages that come loaded with some of the most exclusive features. The features are as follows:

Instant Deliveries: It is important to note that SMPP comes in the form of a direct connection to telecommunication operators. Thus, it offers the instant delivery of short and simple text messages to a large number of users at one go.

High Throughput- By way of an SMPP SMS Gateway, you will get the ability to send billions of text messages every minute. This is mainly because of the high throughout offered by an SMPP gateway.

Inbound Messages and DLRs: Inbound messages and quick message delivery reports on the podium are also supported.

Features of the Best SMPP Service Provider

As an SMPP client, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of the features of the best SMPP service provider and the features are as follows:

1. The gateway offered should come with simple user management.
2. You must get a multilingual platform
3. The SMPP gateway should be super fast
4. The server should have the ability to balance the load automatically and holding messages connections become stable.
5. Your service provider should offer you SMS reports on its web-based interface.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, reasonable rates and comprehensive features such as management of SMPP users are the other things that you need to consider. This will probably help you in being assured about having made the right choice.