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If you are planning a once in a life time event such as wedding it helps to use the more established catering company who is able to offer a variety of services that go beyond just providing the first-class food. Noor Jehan Group is popularly trusted for a more all-inclusive approach to handling the event which is certainly highly appreciated.

As the best catering services in Kochi Noor Jehan Group offers impeccable menu options ranging from genuine Malabari dishes such as biriyani to continental delicacies such as pasta and sizzlers. Their team of chefs has always dished out perfection, with that unique Noor Jehan twist.

Kerala catering services in Bangalore by Noor Jehan Group is a preferred choice for different functions be it a dinner party at your home or a special event like wedding. You are assured of choosing the right catering service essential to make your event successful. All that you need to do is plan for your catering needs with Noor Jehan Catering.

“Organizing a marriage with over 5000 guests was a huge headache! But Noor Jehan Catering Services ensured that I didn’t have to even turn an eye towards the food and decoration section. Each element of their entire catering package was carried out to perfection” says, A V Manaf, Chairman- AV Group of Companies.

A significant aspect of sourcing the right catering services in Thrissur relates to providing the superior cuisine options which include the best and freshest ingredients. As a reputable catering services they are certain to have access to the talented chefs who are able to operate in any situation and capable of displaying creative and artistic skills. Ask for a tasting session to get a full appreciation of the creative menu options.

Noor Jehan Group offers outstanding event management in Palakkad service which is a high level service begining from the moment you get in contact with them. Planning a special event is far easier when you are working with team Noor Jehan.

About Noor Jehan Group:

Noor Jehan Group, as the name denotes, has been a symbol of love and beauty for decades. It has become synonymous with the history and culture of Palakkad, despite having attained fame for its delectable Malabari cuisine. Since its inception in 1950, Noor Jehan Group has carved its own niche in the culinary industry, with three restaurants in Palakkad district, and a café in Cochin International Airport.