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Dehydration is the process in which content of water or moisture is removed from the food product. Dehydration of meat is a simple process but it is an efficient method of preservation. Dehydration increases the shelf life of the meat product hence it can be stored for several months without any requirement of a refrigerator. As the water content in the meat product is low, chances of microbial attack decreases and possibility of spoilage by the microorganism is also prevented. However chances of deterioration of fatty tissue by rancidity still remains. So to prevent rancidity most of the time only lean meat is preferred. Continuous evaporation of water content from the meat changes the shape of the meat slice through shrinkage. The texture of meat becomes hard as well as the met piece becomes darker in color and lighter in weight. Dehydrated meat products are rich in nutritional value and are available at low price as well. Dehydration of meat product should be done in an aseptic condition and sterilization of the instrument used in this process should be done properly.

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Market Segmentation:

Dehydrated meat product market is segment on the basis of technology, product type, packaging and region. On the basis of technology dehydrated meat product market is segmented into sun dried, solar dried, hot air dried, vacuum dried, spray dried freeze dried and others. Among all these segments manufactures prefer the sun dried process for the dehydration of meat as a large amount of drying is be achieved at once, followed by the hot air dried process. Vacuum dried technology is expected to show consistent growth if compared to the other segment. Spray dried technology is expected to give the largest revenue growth in the market followed by the freeze dried technology in the forecast period. On the basis of product type dehydrated meat product is segmented into chicken product, beef product, lamb product, pork product and others. In terms of packaging the market is segmented as canned or frozen products. Among all these product type beef product segment is very popular in North America. Dehydrated Chicken product is also gaining its popularity at a constant pace all over the world. Furthermore, on the basis of region the dehydrated meat product market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA and Japan. Among these segment North America is expected to have the major market share globally.

Market Regional Outlook:

Regional segment for the market of dehydrated meat product is divided into seven different regions: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA and Japan. Among these segment North America is expected to have the major market share globally. In North American region the United States is generating the major revenue followed by Canada. In terms of revenue Western Europe is also one of the prominent contributor in the dehydrated meat products market. Asia Pacific region is also expected to grow enormously in the forecast period.

Market Drivers:

Rising demand of meat products with longer shelf life coupled with lower price is pushing the growth of dehydrated meat product market during the forecast period. As the dehydrated meat products has easystorage properties these products can be easily transported from one place to other which is supporting to drive the market of dehydrated meat product in the comingyears. Increasing demand of canned and frozen meat products across the globe among the consumers is expected to support the growth of dehydrated meat products in the near future.

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Market Key Players:

Some of the key players in dehydrated meat product market are HENNINGSEN FOODS, Kublei Company LLP, The Campofrio Food Group, Tyson Foods, Inc, Pinnacle Foods Group LLC, Nu Harvest Foods and Hormel Foods.