A shipping container has multiple uses apart from shipping products across the globe. You can easily modify these containers and use them for a wide range of facilities including storage, shops, office space and so on.

Australia, 18th March 2019 : Shipping containers can never be scrapped if they are not used for shipment. You can easily use modified shipping containers for multiple facilities including storage, shops, office space, etc. Read on to know more about the procedure of shipping container modifications and the final result after the same is completed.

What determines the need for shipping container modifications? It can be easily said that modifications are the direct results of the requirements for the new purpose. These modified shipping containers can be used in a wide range, starting from using them for storage to converting them into small shops and saunas. Here we will focus on the kinds of modifications based on the different functions.

The Main Modifications

If you are modifying the containers to create residential spaces, it is essential to understand that doors and windows of varied sizes and designs need to be incorporated into the containers. You can design the doors as per your taste, but do not forget to install the secure locks along with the doors.

There is no limit to the number and size of the windows. However, keep in mind the purpose. If you are using the container as a storage facility, then a few small windows will suffice while a shop would require multiple large windows.

It is essential to provide proper ventilation to the facility especially if it is used for storage. Purposefully installing a sound ventilation system would prevent condensation on the inside without compromising on the security of the goods. You can also connect an air conditioner to set the temperature inside if the container is used for residential purpose.

You can also install shelves and fixed workstations in the containers. These attachments are made of steel; however, you can select other materials as well and determine the design and size accordingly.