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Australian Slimline Trestles is a Victoria-based furniture supplier. With more than 30 years of experience, they offer a delightful range of products. Their high quality supplies include folding, fixed, and bar tables. They also offer the best stools, banquet, and wedding function chairs silver, blue, black, and burgundy stackable chairs on view are colourful and chic.

Why To Order From Australian Slimline Trestle?

  1. Massive discounts are on offer for the whole month.
  2. Shiny silver chairs to host a perfect evening soiree.
  3. A wide range of choices in terms of size and dimensions.
  4. Monthly special offers that include elegant, deluxe products.
  5. Check the prices online with the user-friendly quick quote.
  6. 5 years of material faults and manufacturing warranty.

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”

The year 2018 has been a spectacular year for weddings. Prince Harry was not the only one to get hitched. Thousands of weddings took place all over Australia, including secret winter events. And none of these celebratory occasions could do without fine quality furniture.

The focus is very high at these events on the bride and groom. Their dresses, make up, and conduct received a lot of attention. But the guests are never made to feel unwanted either. The finest quality tables served a delectable range of cuisines and drinks. And everyone felt comfortable sitting in stackable, cushion chairs with silver frames.

“The sight of lovers feedeth those in love,” said William Shakespeare. Australian Slimline recognises the value of such magnificent occasions. That is why they have opened up their supplies to massive, month long discounts. Their fine range of shiny, stackable silver chairs guarantees comfort and rest. The seated guests will surely enjoy the sights and festive mood!

About Australian Slimline

Australian Slimilne Trestles supplies the finest furniture for weddings and events. All types of folding, fixed, and stackable items are on sale. The commercial grade furniture is very affordable and suitable for any environment. Orders can also be placed online for trolleys, package deals and monthly specials.