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The Spanish translation agency Nuadda uses Plunet BusinessManager to efficiently coordinate and control their translation management processes.

Nuadda provides translations from and into Spanish, as well as the regional languages Basque, Catalan and Galician. The Madrid-based company was founded in 2011 and focuses on translation in the fields of technology, engineering and healthcare. For Nuadda, being aware of cultural differences is a crucial part of the translation process.

Plunet is an internationally active company that develops the leading business and translation management software, Plunet BusinessManager. The services provided on the web-based platform include project planning, automation, and the management of complex processes, as well as the integration of individual workflows. Target customers are translation agencies, language departments, governmental organizations, and NGOs.

More efficiency required

Nuadda was initially satisfied with the translation management solution that they were using before Plunet. However, as the number of orders increased, so did the need for more efficiency. After an extensive comparison of the solutions on the market, Nuadda chose Plunet.

Arancha Caballero, founder and CEO of Nuadda, describes the decision-making process as follows: “I talked to our customers. They confirmed that we would be able to significantly reduce the amount of time required to organize data if we used Plunet. And the Plunet staff convinced me about everything else.”

Time savings of 25 percent

After a quick and smooth implementation phase, Nuadda started slowly: “With the huge variety of templates in Plunet, we can now automate even more processes than the ones that we have already been using in our everyday work. So far, we have been very careful. The team needs to feel comfortable with the new ways of working.” Arancha Caballero prepared her team early for the new processes. Her staff can gradually stop using old methods and develop a new, suitable workflow.

Nuadda have already recognized many benefits of working with Plunet. Project managers no longer have to take care of repetitive tasks such as data maintenance, invoicing and logins. Furthermore, they can quickly access customer information in the system. As a result, Nuadda has been able to achieve time savings of 25 percent. This time can now be spent on other projects.

More languages in the future

Nuadda is now planning to increase the number of languages that are translated into Spanish:
“We mainly translate English, German and French texts into Spanish. But over the last years, we have seen an increasing demand for translations from other languages. With Plunet, we can easily filter languages and specific properties, and we will be using these options intensively in the future.”