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During the era of 1920 to 1940 Swing dance is one of the most popular and high energetic dancing forms performed to the joyous music of Big Band and Jazz. You can find many dancing forms under Swing Dance like Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues and Charleston which vary a bit in the dancing style and step, but all come under Swing dancing. Over the years with many new dancing styles becoming popular this swing dance slowly phased away with only a handful of dancers who knew swing dance. However, this dancing style is once again being popularised by a group of dancing community Swing Patrol that has been welcoming anyone interested to learn this dancing style to join their Swing dancing classes to learn those high energetic and joyous dance moves which also turns out to be an effective cardio workout. The dancing community encourages everyone to join their swing dance lessons which are offered at different levels for one to join based on their present dancing skills.

Those who have never learnt to dance can choose the beginner swing class at level 1 that teaches how to control the body and connect with the partner to perform the dance steps. In this class Charleston and 6 beat Lindy Hop is taught and the classes may go on for 3 to 4 months until one is ready for the next level of dancing classes. Each level enhances the learner’s skills to dance to different rhythms and learn the Lindy basic techniques and combinations that would help you to become an expert in Swing Dance within no time. By the time one completes their final classes that is level 4 they shall consider to be experts on all technical issues of the dance from the moves to the pulse, stretch, movement and connection who is ready to perform at different events. Swing Patrol encourages their members to participate at international swing festivals, social dancing, troupe dancing, dancing at different events etc to make Swing Dancing style popular in this era. The swing patrol dancers who can perform to the party themes like Great Gatsby, Blitz and Gangster themes are very much in demand with many hiring them to add a vintage twist to their parties.

If you are passionate about learning Swing dace the Swing Patrol offers you the right platform through their swing dancing classes for one to excel in this dancing style.

Get the best classes for swing dance to beginners at Swing Patrol. We are offering the dance classes in and around the London at reasonable cost. For more details about the swing dance, please visit at

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