We live in a digital age. Social media makes a difference to everything; education on the whole, and schools, in particular, are no exceptions. From admissions to events and announcements of all kinds, schools can ensure hassle-free interaction with parents. It is essential for schools to engage their audience with informative content and generate curiosity.

The rapid changes in the digital space bring with them opportunities to create and enhance the institution(s) as a brand. Leveraging social media and evolving a digital marketing strategy is essential to stay relevant in the competitive marketplace.

Getting the Communication Right

Parents employ many methods to evaluate schools and decide if it’s the right place for children to begin their education. One such, and easily the most used means, is social media. A large percentage of parents in urban India are tech-savvy and digital media is an influence in their decision making.

To this end, schools need to get their communication right. There is absolutely zero room for error. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter, to talk about the values and approach to education makes for a great start. Following this by developing a platform for consistent interaction will allow parents and schools to build a community that is vital to bring a transformation in the education system.

Zedua: The LinkedIn for Schools across India

While many schools have embraced social media with open arms, there is a need for a single platform that is home to information about all schools across the country. Zedua addresses that need and helps parents compare and choose the right school for their children. It doesn’t stop at that, the school discovery platform doubles up as a ‘comprehensive social media platform’ for schools.

For schools that have a digital presence, being featured on the platform blends well with the digital marketing strategy. More importantly, everything about the school one platform, very much makes the platform, a defacto website of the school. And for those that are yet to adapt to the increasing need for social media presence, Zedua serves as the perfect start.

Why Zedua?

Zedua provides every registered school with a dashboard, where the management can monitor page like, views and also other details. The dashboard can also be used to update admission details, job opportunities, media coverage of the school, monitor parent-reviews and much more. This enables schools to understand viewer feedback and develop communication strategies accordingly.

The whole range of features offered on the school discovery platform including parenting, admissions, updates on everything concerning academics, schooling and education as well as timely announcements of various events. The live feed section on Zedua updates viewers about events, achievements through visual content.

Teachers,too, can benefit from the website. A dedicated teacher’s corner, which is being designed and developed, allows teachers to know of training programmes, workshops and other events. The exclusive space will offer the teaching community a space for meaningful exchange.

On the whole, Zedua takes the shape of the school’s communication means and builds a bridge between school management and parents. Therefore if you’re looking for your social media or digital marketing launch vehicle, all you have to do is register on https://www.zedua.com
Zedua will do the rest.