Gold Coast Digestive Health is a health clinic specialized for digestive disorders in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Natasha Martin is a naturopath physician and founder of this health clinic. The goal of integrative doctors is to identify the disease from the root and proceed with right treatment accordingly. Their treatment prevents the disease from persisting in the future. Natasha is an experienced physician provides rightful thoughts to their patients to overcome their mental depressions. They also offer some other services like initial consultation, in-clinic testing, pathology testing and more.

Integrative doctors are the doctors who make use of all possible way of treatment to cure the disease. Their treatment method varies from conventional to an alternative type of treatments. They go through previous test reports to understand clearly about the disease. The doctors will discuss with other doctors to get a consultation about patient health conditions. They also consider the mind, spirit, community, and body in the treatment process.

Gold Coast Digestive Health is a prominent health clinic to offer the right diagnostic treatment methods. Natasha Martin is one of the best integrative doctors in Gold Coast has cured many diseases. Integrative doctors in Gold Coast Digestive Health interact with patients and work together to improve the wellness of the body. A patient with proper adrenal health has the ability to maintain an effective immune system.

About Gold Coast Digestive Health

Gold Coast Digestive Health is a health clinic located in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Natasha Martin has 16 years of experience in the health industry. She also had an additional 4 years of practice in an integrative medical clinic to gain more knowledge of health conditions. Patients are treated using advanced naturopathic technology to show clearly which treatment method suits for them. They are providing services such as integrative consultation, microscopic screening, zyto body scan, tests to assess digestive function, DNA testing, and Pyrrole testing. For more information on integrative doctors in gold coast, visit their website at
13 Kurrambee Avenue
Ashmore, QLD 4214
Phone: 07 5676 5076