Houston, TX: Available today, a geographical pre-set mobile app HappNow aimed at informing and notifying the users of the happening around their current and pre-set locations. Such information may include fire outbreaks, traffic, accident, armed robbery, attacks, gang shootouts or an active shooter in progress.

The user chooses three pre-set locations (zip codes) to be informed of the happenings around those locations. Users of HappNow mobile App are the ones to type and send information and all users of the App within the pre-set location get the message in the form of pop-up notifications. The users of HappNow don’t need to be a friend or fellow somebody to get the notifications. The notifications are location based, once a user download and pre-set its location.

This unique app idea came from two friends Ibemere Wilson and Owhondah Elenga. Then they started to build this app with Gulf State Software LLC a Houston based customized software, website and mobile application development company.

“We have a responsibility to serve the community through technology,” stated AL, Gulf State Software LLC founder and CEO. “We care for the safety of the people in the community and we believe people should care too.”

Since 2016, Gulf State Software LLC has served number ofsmall and medium size enterprises in various industries and established a stable reputation for their reliable, cost effective and high quality work. For more visit https://www.gulfstatesoftware.com/

Javed Pervez
Director of Marketing
Gulf State Software
7324 SW Freeway #1724E.Houston TX 77074