ChicgoStyle is a sought-after online fashion retail chain which has taken greater strides in the world of fashion by delivering a gorgeous collection of women’s clothes and accessories. Recently, the store rolled out a huge collection of men’s suits and the owners promised that they will add more products to this category. The e-store had an excellent turnover last year and that is being hailed as a big reason why the online fashion shop has decided to launch their line of clothes and accessories for men, besides offering the fashion shirts and wide leg pants for women.

The ChicgoStyle management met the press and shared a lot of details. A senior executive mentioned that the company has been focusing on women’s fashion all this while and has achieved great figures. He didn’t forget to thank the company’s loyal customer base and expressed his gratitude to the ladies. He went on to add that ChicgoStyle has been thinking of diversifying their services for long and it’s high time that they focus on men’s fashion necessities too.

“This has been an amazing year for us and we owe our success to all the ladies who have trusted us and our brand. We really can’t thank them enough. At the same time, our hard work too, has paid off. Our team of professionals have left no stone unturned to deliver the best goods at the best possible prices and our turnover last financial year proves the fact that we have lived up to our promise of dishing out a quality service. Having said that, it’s time to move on and focus on other things as well. Men’s fashion is an area that we haven’t been able to touch so far and now we are ready to take it up”, a marketing executive maintained.

The CEO and managing director of Chicgostyle stated, “Aside from men’s suits, our consumers can also lay their hands on fashion t shirts and wide leg pants for men too. We have reached the apex of success by venturing into women’s fashion and we hope to emulate the feat by launching a chain of men’s wear and accessories.”

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