ASTPP is a renowned open source FreeSWITCH billing solution. Being an open source VoIP billing solution, it is free to use. Also, there are some add-ons which are available for the VoIP companies and other enterprises with free and paid models. Recently, the spokesperson shared about one of the add-ons made available by ASTPP community, namely, Mobile SIP Dialer.

The mobile SIP dialer is also known as a VoIP mobile dialer or SIP softphone. This softphone is developed by the ASTPP: FreeSWITCH billing software developers. It is available for free in both, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. One can find it by doing a search with the name of “ASTPP Dialer”. The features available in the free version of this ASTPP mobile SIP dialer are listed below:

• Audio call
• Contact book
• 3 way conference
• Call recording
• Call logs
• Call transfer
• Call hold and retrieve
• Integration with the mobile phonebook
• Voicemail
• Call history
• Last call redial
• And more

This mobile SIP dialer can be used with any type of internet connection such as, 3G, 4G, WiFi, GPRS as well as it can be used with any calling card. This ASTPP SIP Softphone supports all different types of codecs such as, G711, G722, G729, iLBC, Speex, AMR and more.

The spokesperson of the company has announced that the community also offers white label mobile SIP Dialer. The community has two different offerings for the white label mobile SIP dialer which are listed below:

1. Basic mobile SIP Dialer
2. Pro mobile SIP dialer

The basic mobile SIP dialer has following features to offer to the businesses:

• All features of the free version of ASTPP mobile SIP dialer
• Compatibility with all different types of SIP servers
• Capability to work behind the Network Address Traversal
• Support to display a real time balance if using with the ASTPP FreeSWITCH billing software
• White labeling with the brand elements of the client company

The pro version is available with below mentioned features:

• All features of free ASTPP mobile SIP dialer
• All features of the basic mobile SIP dialer
• Signup support
• Forgot password support
• User profile
• Payment gateway integration support
• Support for recharge balance
• Support transfer of balance between different accounts
• Payment gateway integration
• Integration of call history of the mobile SIP dialer with the customer billing portal
• Simulator for the rates
• And more

As per the shared details, the community offers these two different white label SIP softphone packages sat affordable rates. Also, they provide 6 months free support to the companies that use their basic mobile SIP dialer service and 12 months free support to the companies that use their pro mobile SIP dialer service.

As per the shared details, this SIP dialer has all required features and can be integrated with a real-time system or calling card business model. To know more about this VoIP mobile dialer offered by the ASTPP, please visit