There is demand for the paper testers across the globe due to increasing need for the durable and sustainable paper in many industries. Paper tester is commonly used to determine the physical properties of the paper. These testers are used for testing various parameters such as brightness, endurance, tear strength, thickness, and compressibility. Various types of tests which can be conducted via paper tester are physical test, optical test, and the mechanical test. Paper Tester is used for measurement of the strength of the paper in kPa (Kilo Pascal) and also the amount of the pressure that paper can sustain before getting ruptured.

Need for Durable Paper Boosting the Paper Tester Market

The demand of paper is expected to grow on account of improving growing enrolment, literacy rates, and increase in number of colleges and school is contributing to the growth of the paper tester market. The need of the high-quality paper and to improve the durability of the paper, the manufacturers of the paper testers are focusing on introducing the tester which can check the stiffness, strength and other relevant parameters

For example, in 2018, Thwing-Albert Instrument, the US-based manufacturer of the paper tester, launched the burst strength tester with measuring capacity up to 5000 kPa (Kilo Pascal), memory storage ability, along with, a touch screen display to improve the visual ability
Also, in 2018, AML Instruments Limited., the US-based manufacturer of the paper tester, has introduced the brightness meter profile in paper tester with automation technique, which improves accuracy of optical brightening agents, also opal glass calibration of the paper tester.
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Awareness of Saving Paper Hindering Growth of the Paper Tester Market

Rising concerns about the “save paper save tree” across the globe are hampering the growth of the paper tester market. Due to the paper is manufactured by cutting the tree which is damaging the environment vigorously. Also, the use of online storage and the hard disks is significantly affecting the growth of the paper tester market. 

Paper Tester Market: Segmentation

The paper tester market has been segmented on the basis of test type, testing samples, end use and region.

Segmentation on the Basis of Test Type:

Physical test
Dimension stability
Optical tests
Paper shade
Mechanical tests
Burst test
Compressibility test
Tear strength
Tensile strength
Moisture content
Percentage of Elongation
Folding endurance
Segmentation on the Basis of Sample Type:

Paper board
Paper Tester Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the prominent players in the paper tester market are, L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., Presto Group, Thwing-Albert Instrument Company, Asian Test Equipments, Unique Controls Pvt. Ltd, AML Instruments Limited, TECHLAB SYSTEMS, S.L, Angels Instruments, RYCOBEL NV, Test Techno Consultants, AMETEK, Inc, Testing Machines, Inc, Gurley Precision Instruments, Inc., Gester Instruments Co.,Ltd., J.T.M Technology Co., Ltd., Benz Co., Inc, Scientific International Pvt Ltd, Lex Technoaid International Pvt Ltd, and Universal Engineering Corporation

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Paper Tester Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of geography, most significant economies such as the United States, China, and Germany are capturing the large market segment in the paper tester market due to the increasing need for premium quality paper in the industries and the offices. Increasing initiatives related to sustainability and the endurance of the paper in various countries such as India, France, and Australia, is also contributing to the growth of the paper tester market. In addition, in Europe, it is expected to witness growth in the paper tester Market, due to growing government funds in paper mill and in the R&D of the paper manufacturing industries. The market in the Asia Pacific is also expected to grow at a higher CAGR, due to many forward steps were taken by the governments for improvements in paper tester equipment’s. These parameters are fuelling the growth of the paper tester market across the globe.