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Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing company, has published its recent poetry book Sincerely Yours, Dear Life which talks about the most important emotions in life. Written by law graduate, Joyeeta Chandra, the book is a collection of poems divided into three parts while narrating a story. The book is intended to strike a chord with young adults, especially
women, as it discusses the various emotions and life situations experienced by women in their everyday lives.

The three parts of the book are End of the Beginning, Fragments and Small wagon of life. Each part holds a unique concept. ‘End of the Beginning’ is a collection of poems which compares the different aspects of life in a single idea. ‘Fragments’ is a collection of Haiku which again depicts different concepts which people encounter in their lives. In ‘Small wagon
of life,’ the author expresses her feministic ideas about society with flair and clarity in her poems. All three parts of the book together also narrate a single story like a constant thread of consciousness.
Joyeeta describes her book as something that depicts not only the different vibrant hues of life but also the dark shades and shadows which everyday life is made up of. The book is like a durable alloy made of memories and imagination which provides a diversified perspective
on life as we know it.

The author who had fallen in love with writing from a young age has also written a self-help book before trying out her hand in poetry. The book is thought-provoking and makes the reader dwell and confront some of the crucial aspects of life.

Sincerely Yours, Dear Life is available in print and e-book format on the Notion Press store and several e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Flipkart.