Quality repair tools and equipment are vital to the automobile industry, especially to automotive repair startups. JMC Equipment carries a wide range of these tools, including paint booth equipment, for the best automotive repair services.

[Delaware, 3/15/19] – Paint booths, also known as spray booths, are pressure-controlled and closed environments that are used to paint vehicles of all sizes. With paint jobs being one of the most popular services in the auto body industry, spray booths are typically found in body shops.
The controlled environmental conditions inside paint booths result in paint that’s applied properly onto the vehicle. Some of these booths also have heating technology, allowing paint to dry quickly and reducing the risk of scratches and other surface damages.

Paint booths are necessary, especially for auto body shops that are just starting out. But, with numerous options in the market, it can be confusing to choose which one is best for your needs. Fortunately for new auto body repair shop owners, JMC Equipment’s staff is knowledgeable about different kinds of paint booths. The company itself supplies a wide range of paint booth equipment, providing clients with different auto body painting solutions.

Why Buy Paint Booths from JMC Equipment?

JMC Equipment, a trusted provider of quality automotive repair equipment, carries a wide variety of auto body tools, including paint booths. The company carries spray paint booth equipment from top manufacturers such as Accudraft and Ideal Equipment. These brands are known and trusted for their paint booths, paint mixing rooms, and finishing systems. This means that clients are getting some of the best paint booth equipment in the market.

Among the types of paint booths that JMC Equipment carries are the Open-Front Paint Booths, Fully Enclosed Booths, Downdraft Booths, Modified Down Draft Booths, and Crossflow Booths. The majority of the spray paint booths that the company carries are ETL certified, meaning these products are compliant with North American Safety Standards.

By trusting JMC Equipment as an automotive paint booth supplier, clients will not only get the best equipment but also the expert guidance and knowledge of the company’s staff when it comes to choosing the right paint booth for their auto body shop.

About JMC Equipment

JMC Equipment is a family-owned business based in Dover, Delaware. Founded in 2013, its goal is to always provide automotive tools and equipment of the finest caliber at affordable prices.

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