Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has made an announcement to offer custom IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution development services. This announced service has specifically made available for retail industry. The company will develop simple and / or dynamic IVR solution for the businesses that deal in the retail industry.

“We have expert developers that can build a dynamic IVR solution based on the need of the business. We have been benefiting companies with our custom IVR solution development service and we have experienced that the retail industry has a huge need of the dynamic IVR solution. Thus, we have made an arrangement to quickly fulfill the need of the retail industry with our IVR solution development service”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared detail, Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offer IVR solution development with a wide range of features. The spokesperson of the company mentioned the key features of the IVR solution for the retail industry, which are listed below:

GUI based web panel to control the IVR menu and flow
Call flow design
IVR designer to design the call flow and IVR flow
Automated voice responses
Text to speech
Upload option to add a voice prompt
Record a voice prompt option
Set welcome message
Call queue
Call recording
Call routing
Call back integration
Music on Hold (MoH)
Support for multiple codecs
Support for multiple languages
And more
The spokesperson of the company also announced that the dynamic IVR solution can have more features to benefit the retail industry. The dynamic IVR solution will have all features of the simple IVR solution as well as it consists additional features such as,

Nested automated voice response menu
Integration with CRM system
Intelligent call routing
Call prioritization
Programmed database interaction
SMS integration
Email integration
Callback support
And more
As per the shared details, both simple and dynamic IVR solution development also provide feature of call detail logs. The company also announced to offer custom report development based on the need of the retail industry.

“The retail industry can gain many benefits by using the interactive voice response system in their communication ecosystem. They can get custom features with our development service. The IVR solution assures that each call is attended with the same professionalism. The best benefit of the IVR solution development is the retail business owner can get the tailored solution based on their need”, shared spokesperson of the company.