Tiny Tots Paediatrics has expanded the diameter of its diagnosis, especially for children. Now, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, its convenor and reputed paediatrician of John Flynn Private Hospital in Gold Coast, has decided to screen babies with eczema, flu, purple crying, asthma and newborn sleep disorders. His decision stemmed on the basis of Australia’s Health 2018 report. It has some terrifying facts regarding infant mortality and health.

Australia had a disappointing history in the context of infant mortality rate. However, the report shows a little improvement in it. Between 2001 and 2016, the infant death rate declined from 531 to 312 per 1000 live births. If the data from New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Northern territory are concerned, the mortality rate curved down from 1,121 to 602.

The decrement is around 48%, which is still noteworthy. This is why Dr. Sanjeev Gupta has come up front. His motto is to spread awareness about the diseases that prominently victimize infants. Generally, the first two years of life are extremely sensitive. These are the crucial years when a tiny tot undergoes physical and psychological development. His immunity develops gradually. In the meantime, several diseases may target him. This is why parents should be aware of timely diagnosis. They should know that a delay can prove a big roadblock in timely recovery.

He said, “I have met several parents that come when it gets very late to overcome from meager disease, like baby flu. Sometimes, I felt extremely bad for the couple that could live with their child, if they might have consulted with me a few days before. But still, I bet on my professional skills and experience that I can help them to combat with such situations before they hit their child. I know, it’s no less an uphill battle. But, I have a silver lining in my paediatric consulting. I’ m hopeful that I can and I will educate parents. ”