As a professional manufacturer of red ginseng processing, Hyorim Agricultural Cooperative Federation is a specialized manufacturer of red ginseng processing. Based on R & D for manufacturing safe and excellent general food and health functional foods, it specializes in R & D of food sector, general foodstuffs in various forms (beverages, we provide OEM service for HYORIM Agricultural Cooperatives corporation can use the best raw materials to ensure the safety of products through food history management and rigorous quality control system, and it is also good to rest assured that it is hygienically processed and supplied to consumers.
Red Ginseng:
The most favorite health food for Koreans is red ginseng, which accounts for about 36% of total health functional food sales. Red ginseng is a ginseng that is selected from the good quality 6-year-old root ginseng produced in the cultivation area of ginseng and is dried with steam for a long time without peeling and dried. In other words, the ginseng in the field is classified into 1 ~ 5 grades according to size and shape, and then it is converted into red gins through washing, boiling, and drying. Korean Red Ginseng Powder
Red ginseng enthusiasts say, “When you eat red ginseng, your immune system gets stronger, you do not have to do a cup of ginseng, and it has the effect of preventing various diseases and cancer.” On the other hand, some people say that “red ginseng is expensive, has no effect, or even has side effects. ” The reason why red ginseng ‘s efficacy differs from person to person seems to be the problem of the constitution in the oriental medicine. In other words, red ginseng is a medicinal substance with a lot of heat, so it can be ineffective or cause side effects if it is taken by a person who is constitutionally Korean Organic Red Ginseng feverish. Generally, red ginseng is well-suited and effective for a noise person, but it is not effective for a Taemin person. Soyangin (Sun Yang) and Taeyang (Taiyangin) eat red ginseng so much heat may not be good for the body.