Your walk-in unit’s doors are the gateway between the outside world and the storage of your valuable inventory. Walk-in doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear from employees and customers alike so it is important to regularly inspect them for damage. Understanding the difference in types of walk-in doors is important in considering the maintenance, repair, and overall care of your walk-in.
Many walk-in units are equipped with sliding doors at their entrance. A sliding door should be able to slide all the way closed in order to seal cold air inside. If you can see any light shining through when your door is closed, it may not be sealing properly. Outside air penetration can damage or destroy the products inside your walk-in unit. Not only can you lose inventory from door leaks, but the components of your walk-in cooler have to work overtime in order to keep your walk-in at the correct temperature.
It is important to note that swing doors have different parts than sliding doors. Swing doors have sweeps at the bottom of the door. The door sweep helps eliminate outside air from entering the walk-in unit. Door sweeps also assist with creating a seal inside the unit. Regular maintenance of door sweeps includes adjustments when necessary as well as occasional cleaning. In addition to sweeps, swing doors usually have hydraulic door closers. These closers need to be in working order to keep your swing door closing properly. Similarly to sliding doors, swing doors help protect your inventory and keep your investments safe. A functioning swing door aids in maintaining the temperature inside of your walk-in cooler or freezer.
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