WLSI is has become the industry leader for all your traffic and construction equipment needs. They provide a full line of unique, durable traffic safety signs that are ideal for some different applications.

Their traffic safety signs are trusted by hundreds of customers across Illinois, and they have been used in a variety of situations and circumstances, including:

• Hotels and resorts.
• Gas stations and other service stations.
• Shopping malls and department stores
• School parking lots.
• Parking garage and other allied commercial locations.
• Construction and roadwork zones.

The affect of development zone collisions reaches beyond material loss. Various accidents in work zones are quite deadly and can affect not just the drivers, but also the safety of work crews in the construction zones.

They designed new traffic safety cones to help mitigate risks to pedestrians, work crews, and motorists. Not only do these traffic safety cones improve visibility; they also help direct oncoming traffic. Those help you ensure the safety of your work area, and improve the wellbeing of everyone in your surrounding area.

They have also revised their traffic control safety training program to ensure the new folks can grab most of the latest trends in traffic safety.

New introduced obstacles made out of concrete, while popular, are frequently not needed and will contribute to fatal accidents by causing harm to drivers and their vehicles. There are traffic cones and drums are also attractive, but often these traffic devices are not capable some situations that might not accomplish the specific needs of a construction. All of these efforts would not be very effective if you don’t have a proper traffic control safety training.

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