Spirituality Rocks

Have you considered how spiritual you are? Have you ever found yourself expecting things to happen before they happen, a sixth sense experience?

Did you ever wondered if you existed before being born as a human or what shall happen to you after your death?

Have you ever found talking to yourself like a communication in your mind thinking out ideas and being able to hear back your own thoughts?

Or perhaps when you close your eyes and see the darkness and may have thought is there possibly a light beyond this pitch black darkness of closed eyes?

Many things in life we struggle to understand at first however with new experiences we tend to start searching for answers and believe me for most such instances spirituality offers perfect rational explanations.

What really is spirituality and is every person has the ability to be spiritual or is already a spiritual being? These are the many intriguing questions many people do come across at some point in time in their life.

Interestingly there are resources able which do answer all our possible questions on spiritual and one of those highly useful resource is the Sultan Bahu Books in Punjabi which are also now available in English translations.

The Sultan Bahu books touch upon the subject of spirituality at many levels from novice to people with advanced spiritual knowledge both can take benefit from reading a same book.

I have come across with many people so far whom just found the books interesting and start reading them on a regular basis and with mere reading of the books their heart opened to new world of real spiritual experiences.

Essentially the books define the core of spirituality in regards to the heart and to be more spiritual one must have purer heart that’s free from jealousy, greed, lust, evilness etc otherwise its not a heart but piece of flesh & meat filled with darkness whom we see when the eyes are closed.

Like jazz, rock and other types of music there’s also spiritual music which many people tend to find soothing and relaxing obviously to approach something new one must approach it with open mindedness to take real benefits.

You can consider Kalam e Bahoo mp3 free download for your first time experiences with any type of spiritual music and perhaps who knows you may agree that its very soothing to the ears and relaxing for the mind and heart.

For many people what really gets their attention is not the books or music but watching videos on a subject. However, if you have any understanding of urdu or Punjabi language you will have fabulous time watching great in-depth dramas on spirituality or the sultan bahu videos.

Improving English Speaking and Writing Skills

Do you know someone who struggles with their writing or speaking of English language and you may have wondered what advice to give to the novice user for learning the new language but didn’t really know what to say?

Well there are many great ways to learn English language and one of the most tested and trialled is practicing what you seek. The person needs to learn new words and sentences and practice them on daily basis.

For me one of the great ways to learn a new language was to practice writing new articles and having more interactions with people who were well versed in the language I wanted to learn. I would submit new articles in my choice of language to any submit article site.

Say you have mastered your newly learned language but wanted to get your message now to great number of people across the world to the newspapers , magazines etc then the best way is to submit press release in your language to websites that freely accept these.

Deduce with new language and the press release you can reach great number of people worldwide and have decided it’s the right time to built a brand with an online presence but wondered how can you promote the new branded website in the search engine results?

The answer is simple you can submit url in directory’s and if you submit your website Url to many different directory’s then rest assured you will see fast results in google search engine rankings for your website.

If you think I missed something out in the article, please feel free to ask. Further, I love to hear people and get to know what they think of my written work.

Stay Blessed and please share any valuable online resources that you have found to be really beneficial for your personal growth and I really look forward to learning more from your experiences. Thank you.