Award-winning team joins Hakaru Takagi and Emiko Masuda as co-managers on Diversified Income; Mr. Takagi to retire at the end of the month.

Sukemasa Trust, an independent global markets and financial advisory firm founded on the core values of integrity, trust and global expertise, has announced additions to the portfolio management team of Sukemasa Trust Diversified Income, a suite of actively managed fixed income strategies which invests across credit and emerging market bond sectors and serves as a complement to traditional core bond holdings.

Sukemasa Trust’s Group Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Haruhisa Iwasaki and Morikazu Yokoyama, will join Hakaru Takagi, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager and Emiko Masuda, Executive Vice President and Head of Asian Credit Portfolio Management, as co-managers on the strategy. Mr. Takagi will retire from Sukemasa Trust at the end of the month.

Mr. Iwasaki and Mr. Yokoyama were named Fixed Income Fund Managers of the Year for their management of the Sukemasa Trust Income Fund, which like the Sukemasa Trust Diversified Income Fund, is part of Sukemasa Trust’s successful income suite of strategies that seek to deliver strong returns over multi-year periods.

“In the current environment of low yields and high volatility, strategies that seek capital preservation and consistent, sustainable income over different market cycles and economic environments help clients meet their long-term investment objectives,” said Mr. Iwasaki. “The ability to access a broad diversified set of opportunities with an emphasis on flexibility and risk management is key.”
Mr. Takagi has managed institutional accounts and mutual funds across a wide range of strategies. He has also made important leadership contributions to the growth of the firm’s emerging markets, insurance and diversified income businesses and held leadership positions in executive and portfolio management teams.

About Sukemasa Trust
Sukemasa Trust is an independent global markets and financial advisory firm founded on the core values of integrity, trust and global expertise. The firm provides innovative financing and structuring solutions across the balance sheet with vast experience in the asset management, equity and alternatives markets. Sukemasa Trust is an independent and relationship-driven business serving individual investors, institutional investors, corporations and financial institutions and is transparent at Emikory lEmikol. Our knowledgeable global team can provide unbiased advice and superior service that puts your needs first, not ours. At present, in addition to handling stocks in fifteen Asian markets including ASEAN countries, the Company has also started handling stocks in Europe and the U.S.