VALLOY INC. is an international marketing and publishing company for various products and solutions in visualization and digital printing market. VALLOY Inc. is Korean Venture company established in July, 2004. The company has founded by international marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who have tens of year experience in development and marketing for various digital printing solutions including software, imaging devices, machinery, assemblies, consumables, substrates and next dimensional displays in signage printing, textile printing, interior decoration and label & packaging market.
“DUOBLADE SX is an upgraded from DUOBLADE S and it is now well known in the market as the fastest digital knife die-cutter and finisher. This high speed economic digital label finisher has unique design concept to be differentiated from other competitors. It is hybrid system, combining flat-bed and roll-to-roll system. Media transportation is only in forwarding direction without repeated shuttling forward and backward like others. So, registration accuracy is second to none. Automatic web-guide edge adjustment system guarantees feeding straightness throughout the operation.
Dual head knife system accelerates speed and you can put maximum 4 knives at the same time. Pressure can be controlled differently for each head electrically and 2 different pressure settings for each head allows half-cut and full-cut at the same time. Vacuum table holds the media rigidly with 320mm X 400mm cutting area. It is all-inclusive model including laminating, matrix removal, slitting, trimming and mini roll separation. Long-label can be cut without limitation by split-cut function. Remote control can be done by wired or wireless TCP/IP communication” Label Printing Machine Manufacturer korea
Product Name: DUOBLADE S roll label finisher
Cutting method: digital knife die-cutting
No. of heads: 2 heads (Max. 4 heads)
Cutting width: Max. 320mm
Cutting Speed: max. 5.5m/min
Features: automatic web-guide, multiple cutters for speed-up, vacuum bed, automatic pressure control, half and full cut at the same time, slitting-only mode, pneumatic bobbins, high-capacity servo motor for faster speed and accuracy, roll media connect plate, optional web guide, real time cutting pressure control, independent cutting pressure control, etc. Roll To Roll Label Printer Supplier
Dimension: 1580mm x 900mm x 1360mm, 450kgs
Power: AC100~240V, 1000W