A Young sprinter after winning many state level competitions was highly dedicated into her running and achieving National level championship. Her dedication was to that extent that she had to maintain the right physique with regular exercise and diet. Her parents forced her to get married and she agreed to marry on an agreement with her fiancé that she will pursue her career in athletics after marriage as well. All went fine as she was balancing her personal and professional life very well with the extended support of her husband. She started having irregular menses for over 6 months that she decided to visit gynecologist. Upon detailed investigation, it was found that her endometrial lining was less than 6 mm against the standard of 7-12 mm. Our body atleast needs 22% body fat to ovulate and become pregnant, which was also less that was leading to irregular menses. This meant that she cannot bare child even if she conceives, which was so much devastating for her.

Her inlaws had starting pin pointing her that they had already told during marriage to leave her sports stuff and focus on her family. Now the condition had worsened to the level that they demanded their son for a second marriage. As a last ray of hope, they went for a second opinion to Indira IVF hospital.

Upon complete examination, her overall body fat was less that the norms and her endometrial thickness was only around 5.9mm. She was consoled that with latest techniques it is possible to correct the complications without any surgery. Finding hope she immediately agreed to it and she underwent PRP therapy.

“Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is proving to be a boon for such patients. The therapy involves extracting blood sample from the patient’s own body and the platelets(blood component) is separated through a process of centrifugation. These PRP has the tendency for growth factor and hormonal balance and also improves the body’s resistance. Patient is injected with 3-5 ml of PRP on 12th and 14th Day of the therapy. There was a significant growth observed after the 2nd session (5.8 to 6.8mm) after the 18th day the endometrial thickness was found to be 7.5 mm, which was enough to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. She underwent IVF treatment and had recently given birth to a healthy baby boy.” Said Dr.Sagarika Aggarwal, Gynaecologist & IVF Expert, Indira IVF Hospital, Delhi.

“I had to balance my passion as well as my family and even after so much of discouragement I always wanted to win at the National level first. But at one point I felt as if both my family as well as my career came to an end. Being a woman success was not meant for me I thought. Facing so many issues, social stigma, and emerging as a successful sprinter in my state is a good achievement for me. After knowing that I would not be enjoying motherhood, I was completely in disaster. But such advancements in medical science has kept me alive in the race, both family and career. I am soon ready to revamp my career where I left.“ said the patient.