On 24h february 2019 Police Hawaldar 1000 Manjulkar received a secret information that near Fulenagar RTO office one man will come in red car to sell his Pistol. This information was trustworthy so Senior Police Inspector Yerawda Mr. Rajendra Kadam informed about the same to Deputy Police Commissioner Mr. Prasd Akkanavaru and Deputy Commissioner of Yerawda Dr. Shivji Pawar. With their guidance sub inspector Mr. Gawari, 6 constables, Hawaldar Manjulkar, Hawaldar 900 Jadhav, Po. Na. 3437 Randive, Constable 8943 Patil, Constable 8316 sakat Made a plan and Arrested the accused Mahesh Shrihari Garute (Age 27) ( Bakori, Taluka Raveri District Pune) at 9.15 PM. They seized things worth rs. 7,06,800, 2 Desi pistols, 5 Live bullets, 1 Koyta and 1 Maruti Swift Car MH-12 QM 8915. The complaint has been registered at Yerawda Police station against the accused Under Indian Murderer act 1959 section 3,7 and 25, Maharshtra Police act 37(1) and 135. The investigation will be done under the guidance of Senior Police inspector Yerawda Mr. Rajendra Kadam by Police Sub Inspector Mr. Ravindra Gawari. The accused have already been arrested before for another crime.