One of the issues facing landlords is removing rubbish abandoned by tenants. MS Webb & Co. works to help property owners and managers address this problem.

[Surrey, 3/11/2019] – According to estate agency Knight Frank, one in four households in the UK will be renting by 2021. This means that the number of renting households will be greater than ever. In line with this, property managers or rental property owners need to prepare for more tenants in their future.

This involves preparing for the possibility of tenants leaving some of their personal items and rubbish behind.

When this happens, landlords are to adhere to the law regarding abandoned goods and then go through the process of cleaning up the property and getting rid of the rubbish.

Fortunately, MS Webb & Co. offers abandoned stock and rubbish removal that will help landlords effectively and efficiently clean up.

Why Choose MS Webb & Co.?

Tenants leave some of their belongings for a variety of reasons. When this happens, they need to be notified of the landlord’s intentions with their abandoned things. This can be a long process.

With over 25 years of experience, bailiff and security consultancy company MS Webb & Co are equipped to handle the entire rubbish removal process, including sending notifications to the owners and taking reasonable steps to return the goods.

Additionally, MS Webb & Co makes arrangements for the proper disposal and clean-up of the site. Afterwards, the company’s competent team puts together a public auction for the goods that have value.

With 24-hour availability and coverage throughout England and Wales, MS Webb & Co. is every landlord’s go-to solution for their bailiff and security consultancy needs.

About MS Webb & Co.

For over 25 years, MS Webb & Co. has been providing bailiff and security consultancy services throughout England and Wales. With a range of resources as well as an extensive network and connections at their disposal, the company works quickly and efficiently to answer the clients’ needs.

Learn more about MS Webb & Co.’s abandoned stock and rubbish removal services today.