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Dental Precision Clinic has several courses to learn about dentistry. Courses are available at affordable prices, so anyone can try them.
Dental Precision Clinic is a dental clinic in Delhi. Located in Ashok Vihar, this clinic provides all types of services that people need. They offer help for dental implants, surgery and more. This clinic has also been transformed into a Dental Academy in Delhi, which provides dental courses for anyone who wants to learn more about dentistry.

The location of this clinic is easily accessible. Anyone who wants to go to this clinic can use the Delhi Metro or their private vehicle. And, their dental courses are also available at affordable prices. Therefore, anyone who wants to learn about dentistry can afford this course without problems.

“Best clinic. Best Academy. Awesome doctors/ teachers. I’m happy, I got a chance to learn from Dr. Ashish (sir), Dr. Shabbu (ma’am), Dr. Nikita (ma’am). Doctors/ Teachers are very friendly & hard working. Learned a lot of new things. Now I’ll practice everything in my clinic/practice.” – Dr. Priya Singh (B.D.S)

As the Delhi Dentistry Course, the Precision Dental Clinic provides several courses for anyone interested in studying here, such as:

• Endodontics Course (24 modules)

• Prosthodontics Course (8 modules)

• Oral Surgery Course (8 modules)

• General Dentistry Course (40 modules)

• Orthodontics Course (16 modules)

• Dental Implant Course (6 modules)

• Esthetic Dentistry Course (9 modules)

All courses provided by this clinic can be completed in 2 months, except the Dental Implant Course. This course requires 6 months for students to complete all the modules. In addition to courses, this clinic also provides dental services for anyone who needs them. Their services are:

• Root Canal Treatment

• Dental Implants

• Crowns And Bridges

• Orthodontics / Braces

• Cosmetic Dentistry

• Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The Dental Precision Clinic is headed by Dr. Ashish Jain, an experienced dentist. Behind him, there is a team of experts and professionals in the industry. They provide, not only dental care but also dental courses mentioned above. With their help, anyone who needs the best oral surgery course or Dental Implant Courses in Delhi will be able to get what they need at this clinic.