Vivekk Vikas Photography is a professional and creative team of wedding photographers based out of Delhi NCR. With years of experience in wedding photography, they capture both candid and traditional images of the highest calibre. Holding expertise in a long list of photography and videography services related to weddings, their ethos is to provide customers with a variety of exceptional images.

Photography as an industry has evolved significantly over the past decade or so. The same can be said about wedding photography in terms of the equipment, styles that photographers use, the extent of experimentation and so on. Things have changed from the clients’ perspective as well. The modern-day couples are more open-minded and eager to try out new ideas for their weddings. They want their wedding to be covered in new and different hues and look forward to exclusive and unique wedding shoots. Vivekk Vikas Photography is one of those service providers that has grown with the changing times by closely understanding client’s needs.

Today’s wedding photography is not limited to the wedding day rituals and the formal clicks at the reception. Couples hire professional photographers to cover their engagement, Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet and other important event before the actual wedding day. Having a pre-wedding shoot is a hot trend in the market and young couples just love the idea. Pre-wedding shoots are more like a romantic and free spirited prelude to the more serious wedding ceremonies. Vivekk Vikas Photography is a seasoned photo studio that has seen these trends evolve over the years. These professionals can handle anything from candid to pre-wedding photography, destination weddings photography to cinematography to ease. That makes Vivekk Vikas photography the jack of all trades.

Vivekk Vikas Photography is a team of about 120+ professional wedding photographers who thoroughly understand the market and customise their services to meet the demands of the hour. The owner of the firm confidently says, “Vivekk Vikas Photography is a company which has been in the industry for over 4 decades. We have craftily included all the latest styles, techniques and trends into our repertoire to become relevant to the younger generation”. The team approaches every client with fresh enthusiasm and creative outlook to deliver on the best of services. The inhouse editors are extremely skilled, understanding the client needs and offer best design and layout solutions.

The team of Vivekk Vikas Photography has also added wedding cinematography to their list of services which has received immense appreciation from their clients. This vivid storytelling style captures all the fun, emotions and grandeur of a wedding quite stunningly.
Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Vivekk Vikas Photography is the jack of all trades when it comes to wedding photography. (jack of all trades added twice)

Bio: Vivekk Vikas Photography is a Delhi based wedding photography studio. They offer a wide range of wedding photography and cinematography services and follow a unique approach. With a large team of professional photographers, skilled editors and directors, this firm caters to clients of all budget ranges. Customised service packages are being offered to meet the diverse needs of clients.