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Telecom manhole cover

1. Nice appearance

The color of composite resin are present in the material of composite manhole cover, not only in the surface of cover, so the color will last long.

2. High strength

The strength of composite manhole cover is ten times as rigid PVC, much higher than the absolute strength of aluminum to achieve the level of ordinary steel.

3. New material

Such as resin, glassfiber and other composite material, make composite manhole cover much high impact resistance, high bending strength, high abrasion resistance.

4. Enviromental protection

With environmental materials, make composite manhole cover non-toxic, harmless to user. With no recycled value, it brings amazing effect in anti-theft and make people’s life much safer.

5. Light weight

Composite manhole cover is only about one third of cast iron manhole cover.

6. Easy intallation

The composite manhole cover is made of composite materials gratelly, thus reduce the weight of support structure. So that the installation does not require lifting equipment, which is saving time and become more convinent.

7. Competitive price

Compared with other products, the price of composite manhole cover is relatively low.

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Composite telecommunication manhole cover

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Telecom manhole cover

Telecom manhole cover