China SMC sheet

SMC -Sheet molding compound

The abbreviation of SMC is “sheet molding compound”.The main raw material are GF(special yarn),UP(unsaturated polyester resin),low shrinkage additives.MD(filler) and various of first appeared in Europe in the early 1960s and was developed in the United States and Japan in the around 1965. SMC has some unique solutions to the backwards of the wood ,steel,Plastic meter box,like easy aging,easy to corrode, poor insulation,cold resistance,poor flame retardancy,short service life,etc.The excellent properties of compound meter box are absolute seal waterproof performance,corrosion performance,preventing electricity-stolen performance,no need ground wire,appearance beautiful,having lock and complete sealing for security,long service life and so on. The Smc Cable bracket,cable trench bracket.smc meter box are widely used in the site,such as the reform of city network.

How to Produce SMC Raw material from Manufacturer in China ?

Produce SMC sheet from China
Produce SMC sheet from China

In order to have high quality products, the following storage conditions should be maintained:

(1) avoid high temperature, keep the temperature below 25 (2) avoid direct sunlight (3) do not damage the packaging during storage
SMC sheet
Precautions in the workplace: (1) avoid direct sunlight and water. (2) the consumption of SMC sheets stored in the workplace shall not exceed one day. (3) once the aluminum film packaging is removed, the SMC sheet must be used in a short time. (4) SMC sheet should be exposed to air for not more than 5 mins after PE or PA film is removed. Otherwise, rewrap it with aluminum film.