Hatred for America is a very real thing. Hatred for Israel is equally real. Daryl Guberman, founder of Guberman-PMC shows how both these nefarious ideas are alive & well in the Chinese-national led ANSI-ANAB IAF, who is responsible for checking the quality of a wide range of American businesses.

New York, NY (USA), March 7, 2019 — There’s a big question mark for a thinking American business owner of why they would allow an organization comprised of elements that despise the United States to have any say over the quality of their work or access to their inner secrets. Experienced, educated, honest, and passionate business leader Daryl Guberman firmly believes that this is not ethical or safe and is doing everything possible through his very active YouTube channel to expose the truth to as many business and company leaders, who are proud Americans being duped, as possible. The new video, titled “ANSI-ANAB IAF Member Iran Chants “DEATH” To America!”, is completely backed up by clear facts, something sure to make the antisemitic and anti-American nations who sit on the IAF like Iran, China, Pakistan, Russia, uneasy about being so clearly exposed.

“As a proud American patriot and as a Jew, how could I remain silent when these types of anti-American actions are occurring before our eyes,” commented Guberman. “This business ‘Axis of Evil’ could compromise so many things it would be difficult to list. American military contractors allowing a Chinese-national led organization monitor their quality is a glaring example. Where have all of the major cyber attacks been launched against the United States from in the last five-years? China.”

Guberman-PMC has been providing a pro-American quality alternative for businesses, companies, and firms, who for eight years now who want to protect their integrity, their data, and the country they call home. It remains to be seen how many are simply careless and corrupt and which will take the correct moral position and break ties with the ANSI-ANAB IAF if they should exist.

Expect the information to continue to come from Guberman, clearly a patriot on a crusade to protect his nation first, and second the only democracy in the Middle East, the homeland of his Jewish people the state of Israel.

In addition to his work as a business leader, educator about the dangers of hostile foreign influences within America, Guberman is even considering a run, as an independent for public office.

For more information be sure to visit http://dguberman.com.

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