Gluten-free Bakery Premix Market OutlookGluten-free bakery premix may either contain small amounts of wheat flour or no base flour at all. Gluten-free bakery premix also contains ingredients with technological properties and other components depending upon the nature of the baked product. The gluten-free bakery premix is available for bread, cakes, muffin, hamburgers, and many other bakery products. Gluten-free bakery premix is an essential product for the professional bakers as they help to ensure the quality of the finished product and are cost-effective. The gluten-free bakery premixes help to maintain product consistency each and every time by providing uniform color, texture, and taste.The Rise in the Prevalence of Celiac Disease Creates a Need for Development of Gluten-free Bakery PremixesThe rise in the prevalence of celiac disease and increasing health-awareness among the consumers is anticipated to serve as major drivers for the gluten-free bakery premix market. Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease which is becoming a major health problem for the people all around the world. In America, it is projected that 1 in 133 Americans, is affected by celiac disease. The prevalence of celiac disease is increasing and is reported across many regions of the world. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make proper changes in the food eating habits to avoid further increment in the occurrence of celiac disease. Thus, the manufacturers of bakery industry have started to develop a variety of gluten-free bakery premix. The gluten-free products are generally perceived as a healthy option when compared with food that contains gluten, and therefore, the health-conscious consumers are becoming inclined towards the use of gluten-free products. Therefore, the demand for gluten-free bakery premix is expected to increase in the forecast period.Request Report Sample@ hectic lifestyle, consumer preference for convenience, increasing demand for ready-to-eat food, etc. are some of the factors that serve as drivers for the rapid growth of the bakery industry. Europe and North America are the major consumers of the bakery products. Also, North America has a high number of individuals that are diagnosed with the celiac disease, and thus, the awareness about the disease is expected to increase the demand for gluten-free bakery premixes. Europe is also a major market for bakery products, and thus, could create an opportunity for the manufacturers to develop gluten-free bakery premixes that could attract the health-conscious consumers, and is expected to have a positive impact on the gluten-free bakery premix market.Gluten-free Bakery Premix Market SegmentationThe gluten-free bakery premix market can be segmented on the basis of product type, end use, and sales channel.On the basis of product type, the gluten-free bakery premix market can be segmented as:BreadCakesPizza BasesMuffinPikeletsHamburgersRollsOthers (e.g. tortilla, brownies, etc.)On the basis of end use, the gluten-free bakery premix market can be segmented as:Bakeries and Pastry ShopsConfectionery ShopsRestaurants and HotelsHousehold (Retail)On the basis of the sales channel, the gluten-free bakery premix market can be segmented as:Direct Sales/B2BIndirect Sales/B2Cp>Hypermarkets/SupermarketsConvenience StoresSpecialty StoresOnline RetailersOthersGluten-free Bakery Premix Market: Key DevelopmentsIn 2013, Watson, Inc. introduced an entire range of gluten-free bread and baking premixes. They introduced gluten-free premix for bread, brownies, muffins, etc.Gluten-free Bakery Premix Market: OpportunitiesThe demand for bakery products is expected to grow at a rapid rate in the Asia Pacific region. The regions such as China and India are anticipated to show a high growth rate of the bakery industry. China and India together have a population of more than 2.7 billion, which accounts for around 36.2% of the world population. The increasing population, influence of western culture, changing lifestyles, etc. are some of the drivers for the rise in the bakery industry. The increase in demand for bakery products provides an opportunity for the development of gluten-free bakery premixes in the Asia Pacific region.Ask The Analyst@ Bakery Premix Market: Key ParticipantsSome of the market participants in the Gluten-free Bakery Premix market are:Lesaffre et Compagnie, SAMyosyn Industries Pty LtdBakels WorldwideChoices Gluten FreeCaremoli SPATheodor Rietmann GmbHMelinda’s Gluten-Free GoodiesWatson, Inc.Naturally Organic