We are excited to announce the strategic partnership with Bitdomain, which has identified to provide the full ICO management services for their project. This partnership will provide an extra mile to Bitdomain ICO.
Ethx global exchange which has users from every part of the globe, which is around +750K and has a good stronghold where it is directly positioned. is confident that this will pave the way to Bitdomain to become a leading player in the domain sector. Through this engagement, Bitdomain will aggressively form alliances with other dynamic partners who can provide a strong global network for the engagement.
Landing page for Bitdomain ICO has been created on our platform where users can take part in the Bitdomain ICO, where they can buy BTDN tokens using the BTC, LTC, ETH, and USD. can also earn BTDN token by completing simple tasks, which is available in the badges tab over the dashboard.
About Bitdomain:
Bitdomain is the world’s first and only real-time decentralized domain market place allowing users free domain registrations and transfer, in a completely decentralized global market place. Unique Loyalty Rewards System lets users register domains for free of cost, thus solving the domain registration cost issues. The blockchain based smart contract system provides sellers security, ensuring and safety of purchase. team members have a good hand of experience in Blockchain and Domain industry and come with the solution by launching the Bitdomain project to explore the possibilities and giving solutions to the domain industry.
Signup for more information: https://ethx.co/