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Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace banned in Netherlands

A Dutch appeals court has upheld the sales ban ordered by a lower Dutch court within the so much 2011, that illegal the sales of Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace within the The Netherlands on grounds that they infringed on Apple patents.

Upholding the sales ban implies that each devices area unit still impermissible from commerce despite the charm. but each smartphones area unit currently 3 years recent thus this is not possible to end in a significant money blow to Samsung in Europe.

Samsung has recently suffered another blow, being ordered to pay Apple $119.6 million in damages attributable to infringing on 2 patents. The legal feud is unlikely to stop presently.

Google created sensible with Apple recently and each corporations in agreement to dismiss all in progress lawsuits, that several took as a signal of a significant halt.

Recently, the european Union took steps to cut back patent wars by ruling that smartphone and tablet manufacturers may not ask for injunctions against rivals that they had signed patent licensing agreements with. Hopefully which will facilitate place an finish to the current legal madness.