Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading VoIP company. The spokesperson of the company has announced to offer call broadcasting solution which is specifically developed for the education industry. This call broadcasting solution aka voice broadcasting solution can be used by any educational institute such as, college, school, university, private educational institute, so on and so forth.

The call broadcasting solution can help educational institutes to convey their messages with even more accuracy. The company also offers custom voice broadcasting solution development services to the educational institutes. In this case, the company understands the communication requirements of the school, which can be fulfilled with the call broadcasting solution. The experts of Vindaloo VoIP, then define the features and choose the VoIP development technology such as, Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. Based on the selection of the technology, then they build the complete voice broadcasting software which is specifically designed and developed for the respective educational institute.

The call broadcasting solution is capacious to broadcast multiple voice calls at the same time. Once the call is attended, the receiver will hear a prerecorded voice message. At the end of the message, the caller can get disconnected or ask for input from the listener. Each call gets logged into the report section with the details like, how many calls were attended; how many listened to the complete message; how many calls were rejected; etc. The call broadcasting solution can also be programmed to attempt multiple times, in case, the call is not answered in the first attempt. This feature helps in assuring the message reaches the right person at the right time.

The spokesperson of the company has further shared details about the key features one will get into this voice broadcasting solution for education industry; these stated key features are listed below:

Campaign management
Schedule voice broadcasting message
Send call broadcasting message
Record a voice message
Convert a written message into the voice message
Upload a prerecorded voice message file
Integration with contact book
Integration with CRM system
Integration within school or college management system
Multiple attempts to missed calls
Call detail reports
And many more
The educational institutes can gain many benefits by using the call broadcasting solution for the education industry. This system saves a lot of time spent otherwise in sending a message or personally calling the parents or students or vendors or staff or any other entity related to the educational institute.