What is Vein Viewer?
A Vein Finder/Vein Viewer/Vein illuminator is exactly what it sounds like.
It’s a medical device designed to help doctors and nurses to find the vein by showing the map of the vein in real time, which can highly increase the satisfaction of patients.
How does Vein Viewer Help?
What we hope the Vein Viewer can achieve is to change the way we do venipuncture. It means by using the vein visibility technology, we can actually see the vein and then do the venipuncture. Not just feel the vein or depending on personal experience in the procedure.
—Vein Viewer can show more vein than nude human eyes obviously,
— So with a clearer image, the successful rate of first venipuncture will increase.(Near-Infrared Light Device Can Improve Intravenous Cannulation in Critically Ill Children.)
— With less puncture try and unnecessary pain, patients will feel more happy about the hospital/clinic.
How Vein Viewer Works?
There are many kinds of Vein Viewer out there using different technology. One of them is using harmless near infrared technology:
— Using harmless near infrared light to irradiate human skin surface.
— Utilizing differences light absorption rate of blood and body superficial tissue to get vein digital information of veins.
— Through the biological image processing system and identification technology.
—- Map the image accurately on the surface of the skin.
What Else?
Except for the basic staff, here is some tips you need to know.
—Vein Viewer is not a perfect tool, as we have explained the principle of the vein finder. It using the near infrared light, and Infrared light has penetration limits. For some veins which are quite small and deep, It can’t detect and display well. All infrared technology based vein finder has that limitation. But it is for sure that it can find much more veins than human eyes.
—Vein Viewer is not a complex device to use, though it still needs some technique and experience to master, so it’s important to learn the particular device and practice with it before the procedure.