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CAD Schroer’s latest programme to support start-up companies provides professional 3D CAD software for plant design & factory layout at an exceptionally low cost.

Software developer CAD Schroer has announced a new programme to support start-up engineering design companies, which enables them to deploy the MPDS4 Plant Design and Factory Layout software at just 50% of the normal price.

Start-up companies entering into the field of plant design or factory layout often face considerable hurdles. While access to the right 3D CAD software tools is essential, “Start-up companies often write to bemoan their lack of leverage with CAD systems providers when they only require one or two seats of a plant design system,” says Michael Schroer. “This made us think. After all, it’s in our interest to encourage small businesses. Customer loyalty is one of our strongest assets, and creating that loyalty means sharing technology and expertise to create long-term opportunities for growing firms.”
The right tools lead to rapid growth
“New companies setting out on their own in the niche plant and factory design sector can offer real flexibility and low rates to clients. That’s their competitive edge,” says Michael Schroer. “Their design software must be ready for immediate use and deliver results quickly. This is the only way to preserve that advantage for the long-run. It is precisely this approach that we take with our MPDS4 plant design and factory layout software. For example, we supply predefined part catalogues with the software, which can also be quickly extended if required. Design quality is also assured through the automated generation of parts lists, and collision and consistency checks.”
The Right Tools at Low Cost
“That’s what we want to promote,” says Michael Schroer. “We want to enable start-ups to use the right, scalable solution from the beginning. With 50% off MPDS4 plant design software for those in their first year of trading, we’re giving new businesses a solid foundation on which to thrive.” Startups currently receive a 50% discount off the MPDS4 plant design and factory layout software.

>> Start-ups take note: 50% discount available now