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Revanta Smart Residency becomes one of a kind real estate project to be launchedin the county to provide housing packages to people falling in any income groups. Register Yourself now before the opportunity is gone.

Revanta Multi State CGHS Society is found to be unbelievably doing well when it announced the initiative of Revanta Group to accomplish the dreams of many people to afford their own homes. The need has been identified a long ago when the newspapers started printed about how many people in Delhi are homeless or living as tenants. Revanta, not just kept the screenshot of the news with them but also started working on the proposed plan that proves to be the best project fully fledged following the guideline of DDA Land Pooling Policy of all time.
Revanta Smart Residency is not just limited within this initiative, instead they are working towards more such projects and increasing their scope of the vision they have. Currently, Revanta Group is working on the project of P – II zone of North Delhi to make people believe in the concept of smart city. They have also started conquering the L zone at Dwarka by equipping the modern applications and appliances to increase performance and reduce illegitimate costs.
The basic feature of every housing apartments is what people are already aware of. However, Revanta Multi State CGHS Society offers a ton of ravishing facilities including flooring, wardrobes, modular kitchen, centralised AC, etc. that you are free to choose from. Besides this, Revanta’s Delhi Housing Scheme provides you gymnasium, swimming pool, party area, stadium, and many more. These features come at a price that helps every people of any income group to dream even bigger.

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Company Name: Revanta Multi State CGHS
Phone Number: (+91) 8010507507