ProspectSoft’s Prospect 365 Stock-Aware CRM is now integrated with Exchequer CRM which means that any business which uses Exchequer for its’ accounting processes can take more orders with out re-keying which can result in critical errors. It also enables a business to share vital customer information and stock information across the whole team.

Exchequer itself is an award-winning financial and accounting solution aimed at small to medium sized businesses, and is used to a great extent by those engaged in distribution and wholesale selling goods from stock. Exchequer produces the Advanced range of cloud services including Business Cloud Essentials which is a cloud-based ERP software which delivers a single, fully-integrated platform for businesses to use financials, CRM, stock control, supplier and logistics management, payroll, and dashboard reporting. It is delivered as Software-as-a-Service so can be accessed through any web browser from any device wherever a customer happens to be.

In today’s world it is vital that businesses can work quickly and maximise their productivity and the ERP software provides an integrated solution that offers business owners and managers streamlined processes and improved efficiency. Integrated with Prospect 365 Stock-Aware, businesses can now bring their Exchequer data to life in a modern cloud CRM so that everyone in the organisation has access to all the information. In particular, the sales team has access to a customer’s compete purchase history which enables them to visit the right customers at the right time to maximise efficiency and sales.

Stock-Aware makes it simple for salesmen to produce quotes accurately based on the Exchequer product file and pricing, and allows them to create orders in Exchequer directly from those quotes. A business can also set up an online ordering portal for its’ most regular customers.

Using an ERP system can overcome the problem that so many businesses have of using disparate systems within their organisation which means that completing even an apparently simple task can take far longer than it should do. Streamlining these processes with an ERP means that this problem is solved and allows staff to work at maximum productivity. There is no need to navigate different systems in order to locate all the required information. A cloud-based system also allows a business to access data from anywhere at any time, not just in business hours.

Stock-Aware from ProspectSoft integrated with Exchequer allows complete access to all customer information including being able to see who is buying less or more this year than last, or who has stopped buying, allowing appropriate follow-up action to be taken.