(March 5, 2019): After the new product release conference, AMO PETRIC officially entered the public’s awareness. The concept of “small molecular oil”which introduced at the conference also entered the market with great speed, and everyone in the pet circle knows that. Recently, the AMO team held a photo exhibition in Copenhagen. The pictures on display in the exhibitionwere all photographed by the founder and the whole process of saving the cats & dogs by the AMO team was fully recorded over the years. Moreover, the touching scene of the rescue process was also recorded by the photos. It is understood that the AMO team has been insisting on the pet rescue program for many years, and the number of cats & dogs that rescued by them is countless.

In the interview, the AMO team mentioned about the original intention of the designis to help these cats and dogs, so that they couldlive under a healthy and joyful environment, to feel loved again. Each product is a smear and during the process of smearing, the pets can be touched and comforted. “Although pets cannot speak, you can see from their eyes that they are full of expectations for this world. We hope that our products can bridge the gap between mankind and pets. Even if we don’t talk, we can fully express our care forthem.” said the founder.

The AMO team is also doing the finishing work of the 2nd generation of new products. The mystery of what we`ve discovered will gradually be revealed, and it`s a process we`ve been waiting for. Andwe believe that AMO PETRIC will bring us more surprises and love.

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