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Senat MEA Management Consultancy
Concord Tower
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Media City
Dubai. U.A.E

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It is mandatory under the UAE law to maintain accounting records. Businesses must have proper control and management of their operations, and maintaining books of accounts and relevant records are an essential component in this process. Senat Management Consultancy provides management consulting services for businesses, small and large, established in the UAE advice on accounts and bookkeeping records under VAT.

Under the UAE law, businesses must take note of the specificities of the time period under which the records and accounts are to be maintained. Businesses must be able to produce records and accounts as required by the law and include,

Record of outward supplies

Record of goods and services imported and exported

Tax invoice, tax credit notes and alternative documents

Accounts and bookkeeping records should be maintained for a period of 5 years. It is also good to remember that records related to capital assets such as furniture and equipment should be maintained for 10 years.

While record keeping is important for internal reference, it is mandatory for companies to maintain certain records in compliance with VAT laws. Not many businesses have the man power, expertise or experience to take on such a big responsibility.

Management consulting in Dubai is made up of a team of professionals that have worked in different industries and markets. They are committed to the objectives of their clients and will make the effort to achieve success. “If you are an established company or business and needs expert advice and consulting on record keeping and accounts, we will take over the scope of work”, says Ms. Rena Clute-Simon. “We will have your work audited by external sources to ensure the work is in order and compliant with the law.”

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Senat MEA Management Consultancy is a consulting company that offers a wide range of corporate services to our clients. From setting up new companies, to relocation of companies, setting up bank accounts, providing immigration support and management consulting, Senat has decades of expertise and experience. The U.A.E makes for a unique and diverse environment for our clients and our goal is to go on this journey with you. For more information, visit our website on