‘Running Accountant’ Comes in Third at Standard Chartered Race
Has Won the Race Three Times Before

Hong Kong, March 5, 2019- Stefano Passarello is a man who wears the hat of corporate entrepreneur and super athlete with equal ease and felicity. Born and raised in Italy, Passarello sensed an opportunity in Hong Kong early on and founded an accountancy business there in 2005. It has since grown exponentially and was successfully acquired by the Hawksford group where he serves as Managing Director.

At the same time S. Passarello is a passionate sportsman and fitness enthusiast who is particularly interested in long distance running. He has to his credit three victories at the prestigious Standard Chartered Marathon, which is a Hong Kong Athletics Association Category race organized annually and several races – he still holds the record for the 15km in Hong Kong. The apex of the sport career was in World Championship Iron Man Hawaii, having run the fastest ever marathon time for an Age Grouper.

Stefano explains, “I started running to stay fit and as my business grew to be successful, I gradually became a serious athlete. Along the way I managed to break down the image of a boring and out of shape accountant”.

That Passarello is an accomplished athlete is evidenced by the fact that he has 15 marathons to his credit. In the 2014 Standard Chartered race, which he won, he was pitted against 73000 competitors. Passarello is now 37 years old and continues to run at major events. He last participated in the recently concluded the Standard Chartered race, where he came in third.

Clearly the ‘running accountant’ has many more milestones to reach both as a successful business entrepreneur and a long distance runner.

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